Marketing Operations Strategies

-The strategic marketing plan is easy-fitting for a wide range of operational plans:
-to develop commercial plans and to define corresponding adv campaigns and to carry out the strategic actions
-to set up an adv plan and to evaluate the Return on Investment (ROI)
to organize actions and HR coaching

Brand identity

-Who we are, what we represent for our company’s end-user, how they consider our product and which values we do transmit?
-To develop the company identity by asking key-questions that have inspired our activity and our Mission, and to give companies a VISION …
-Lo facciamo studiando una immagine adeguata della tua azienda, tutelando le tue idee sul mercato registrando e brevettando il tuo marchio…. diamo alla tua azienda l’immagine che meglio la rappresenta!
-We do that by working on suitable images that correspond to our company, by protecting its ideas from the market and by registering and patenting its brand … in other words, we give to the company an image the best represents it!

Communications tools

By drawing up a communications plan we help the company and its organization communicate effectively and meet core objectives that it has set up in order to make know its services and products to (potential) clients.